College Lax

One very interesting thing with team sports is the sheer diversity. In a world where variety is said to add spice to everything, college lacrosse is one sporting activity that is bound to redefine leisure, good living, and health. An immensely popular form of sports in the United States and Canada, college lacrosse is enjoyed mainly by student athletes at the various colleges, universities, and educational institutions across North America. In the two nations mentioned above, men’s field lacrosse and women’s lacrosse are team sports enjoyed by many. There are various clubs and university associations that any interested person can join and enjoy the game.


Like other types of sports, college lacrosse also has its own very eventful history. It all started back in the year 1877 in the United States with a match between the representatives of Manhattan College and New York University. By the 1890s, the game had spread to other colleges as far as in Maryland, so much so that intercollegiate tournaments were being held in various schools in the country. Lacrosse is now one of the fastest growing team sports in the US.

Men’s Lacrosse

The widely respected National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) administers men’s lacrosse in the United States and it is the biggest body of collegiate athletics with almost 1,300 institutions. The body organizes the various championships and events for all the three divisions in both male and female lacrosse. For both types of lacrosse, various rules and regulations have been carefully spelt out as requirements.

Women’s Lacrosse

Women’s lacrosse also has a very impressive record as that of the male counterparts. In the United States, there is the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associates, also known as WCLA, and is a body of more than 260 college teams all of which compete under the American banner. The various teams across the country are arranged into different leagues and two divisions. The regulation of the rules, events, and participation of the game is handled by the WCLA and whenever there is the need for any form of modification, the WCLA is always up to the task.

College Lacrosse Today

Although college lacrosse is primarily enjoyed in the North American nations of the United States of America and Canada, it is quite interesting to know that it is being increasingly enjoyed in various parts of the globe. With time, Lacrosse will definitely become a globally recognized sport enjoyed at all levels.